The program of ‘Şehirde Gündem’ meets with you on Tv8int channel every Sunday at 14:30. The program, which brings many sectors and sector representatives in our country on screens for many years, continues to its works without pausing in order to introduce the companies in the best way and to increase their awareness. The business world, consisting of many topics such as interviews with professional business people in the sector, business lines arising from innovative ideas and needs of the sector, meets our audience every week with different topics and guests.


The goal of our program hosting leading brands and companies from 81 provinces in Turkey is to enable audience to follow closely the economy, and to help them make more clearly their investments, to support the introduction of the successful business owners and the institutions and organizations identified with the city where they are located and thus to reach the large masses. We obtain information about the activities, services, quality policy, objectives, production capacity, service areas, the problem of the companies related to the sector; and then we convey our audience in both Turkey and abroad.


Our main principle is to be the best of our sector in quality, service, customer relations, to maintain our current image, to perpetuate the quality efficiency, to be a leader in the market by producing continuous positive value.